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Animal Crossing LEGO Set Revealed

2023-10-06 02:55
Nintendo confirmed an upcoming Animal Crossing LEGO set. Here's everything we know so far.
Animal Crossing LEGO Set Revealed

We covered rumored Animal Crossing LEGO Sets about a month ago. Nintendo just confirmed their collaboration with the toy company this morning. The video game corporation posted a clip on X (formerly known as Twitter) showcasing LEGO figures of Tom Nook and a few other famous characters from the Animal Crossing franchise.

The clip is 11 seconds long and shows Rosie, Bunnie, Marshal, Kappa, Fauna, Julian, Isabelle, and Tom Nook cheering as a balloon present rises into the sky. You can also see trees with detachable fruits and flowers around the characters.

Animal Crossing LEGO Set Revealed

Unfortunately, there aren’t any more details about the product. We’re unsure when the set will be released or how much it will cost.

We also don’t know which Animal Crossing game the LEGO set will be modeled after. The general Animal Crossing franchise logo is shown in the teaser, but there’s no specific game title from the franchise. Rosie and Bunnie have been in all games, but Julian and Marshal didn’t show up in the series until New Leaf. Therefore, the model will likely focus on a design from New Leaf or, of course, the more popular New Horizons.

Leakers exabrickslegogo and Falconbricks announced Animal Crossing LEGO sets would be released on March 1, 2024. They also shared five different sets and the cost for each one.

  • 170 pieces for $14.99
  • 164 pieces for $19.99
  • 233 pieces for $29.99
  • 389 pieces for $39.99
  • 535 pieces for $74.99

The leakers don’t know what will be included in each set. Nintendo might recreate the Residential Services Building or Nooks Cranny. We may even see a Museum model with Blathers and Brewster. Only time will tell.

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