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Call of Duty gets its first official board game

2023-04-25 22:44
'Call of Duty' fans will soon be able to make their game nights "unforgettable, fun and competitive".
Call of Duty gets its first official board game

'Call of Duty' is getting an official board game.

Arcane Wonders and Activision have joined forces to create the tabletop game 'Call Of Duty: The Board Game', which will combine “elements of strategy, tactical planning, and combat."

Players can also expect a “variety of scenarios and gameplay modes” like the video games.

Bryan Pope, CEO of Arcane Wonders and a lead designer for the game commented: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Activision to bring the Call Of Duty franchise to the tabletop.

“As life-long COD fans, we’ve worked hard to capture the scope, stakes, and sheer intensity of the video games in ways that COD fans and board gamers new and old will love. We’re looking forward to bringing the unforgettable fun and competitive frenzy of COD to game night for years to come.”

Fans will have to wait until next year for the game. However, pre-orders can be made via Arcane Wonders’ Kickstarter page later this year.

Meanwhile, 'Call of Duty' has finally addressed and promised a fix for its longstanding server issues.

The game's publisher Activision faced a backlash for not responding sooner to the ongoing issues - such as input delay, lagging and disconnections in some instances - players have experienced for years now.

And on April 20, the official Twitter page released the statement: "We are investigating reports of server-related gameplay issues and are actively working to resolve them."

The Modern Warzone Twitter page recently tweeted: "Call of Duty needs to publicly acknowledge the server issues with Warzone instead of promoting Blackcell, their new bundles and battle pass all over social media.

"Shouldn’t even have to tweet that at this point. Show your community some respect."