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Can You Spot the Sheep Among the Santas?

2023-04-10 15:38
In this Christmas hidden object brainteaser, Hungarian artist Dudolf has concealed a single sheep amid a flock of Santas.
Can You Spot the Sheep Among the Santas?

Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás, better known as “Dudolf,” creates viral sensations with his hidden object drawings. Over the years, he’s delivered some fun graphic brain teasers, such as a cat among owls and a ghost amid a field of bunnies. He’s made his fair share of holiday puzzles as well, including this one of a sheep hiding amid a bunch of Santas. See if you can find the concealed creature in the image below.

Finding the sheep is harder than you may think. This one, like all of Dudolf’s other creations, makes our brains work extra hard to identify all the subtle visual differences in the image. The similar shapes and colors all kind of blend together, forming what almost looks like one large, abstract pattern.

If you still haven’t found the sheep among the Santa, and would perhaps prefer to use that time for other holiday-related tasks like last-minute shopping or gathering ingredients to cook a Christmas ham—or if the brainteaser is simply too frustrating and putting the baaa in your “bah humbug!”—you can see the solution in the below image.

If you’re looking to solve more of Dudolf’s brainteasers, see if you can spot the mouse hiding among the squirrels or the doe hiding among the stags.

A version of this story originally ran in 2016; it has been updated for 2022.

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