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EA Sports FC will 'blur the lines between virtual and real football'

2023-07-05 20:22
'EA Sports FC' Vice President David Jackson has revealed why the football simulation game already has an advantage to rival 'FIFA'.
EA Sports FC will 'blur the lines between virtual and real football'

The HyperMotion V technology used for the animation of the players in 'EA Sports FC' will “blur the lines between virtual and real football".

During the La Liga’s Nueva Era showcase, EA Sports FC Vice President David Jackson shared that thanks to the tech using 590 million frames of real-world football game capture, they've been able to create the most realistic-looking animation in sports simulation history.

That is 80 times more data than 'FIFA 23' uses.

Explaining how it works, Jackson said: “HyperMotion V teaches EA Sports FC‘s proprietary machine learning algorithm how to recreate true-to-football motion in real-time, meaning the more matches played in FC, the more real the experience becomes."

What's more, the game will have “real-world league broadcasts using [supporting] presentation graphics."

EA Sports is confident in its "future vision" for 'EA Sports FC' and the "new and engaging experiences" they are planning.

As it prepares to launch its rival interactive football title after parting ways with FIFA, Jackson recently explained why fans should stick with them.

He told The Mirror: "There’s a huge amount of energy in all of our studios, all over the world, to get after the ambition that we know we’ve set ourselves with this new brand.

"EA Sports FC is our future vision. I think we’ve done a very good job and had a great relationship over time with the FIFA organisation, but now’s the right time for us to set a new path and chart our own path forward, be able to meet players' expectations where they are, and we feel we can do that best through the lens of our own platform.”

He said the rebranding will bring “new and engaging experiences,” while adding that "authenticity" and "innovation" is vital going forward.

Jackson continued: “It’s a mindset shift for us. We now think very expansively about opportunity. And the areas that we would like to create experiences for fans in the future. We have a huge amount of confidence in what we’re going to be able to bring to market later on this year.

“There are two things that are really important to us. And our players telling us are important to them.

“One is authenticity. So we have 19,000 players, we have 700 teams and 30 leagues in the game right now. That authenticity is paramount to an EA Sports experience and will continue to be in the future.

"The other thing that’s super important to us is innovation and our ability to be able to create new and engaging experiences that fans tell us that they’re expecting from us at EA.”

The first game in the new series is due out later this year.