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Fortnite Football Club Detailed

2023-04-10 15:38
Epic Games has unveiled the Fortnite Football Club and we have all the details you're looking for.
Fortnite Football Club Detailed

Epic Games has unveiled the Fortnite Football Club and we have all the details you're looking for.

The FIFA World Cup is already well underway and Epic Games has been celebrating the renowned soccer tournament through various content drops in Fortnite. Most recently, the "Let Them Know" set was announced and will feature ten outfits inspired by Fortnite that could be heavily customized.

Alongside these outfits, users will also be able to unlock an emote, back bling, and pickaxe inspired by the world cup. There were also several "Let Them Know" tasks that launched alongside the set. Completing these tasks resulted in huge XP rewards and other items from the "Let Them Know" set.

As Epic Games revealed in a blog post, all of this has been building up to the launch of the Fortnite Football Club.

Fortnite Football Club Detailed

Fortnite's Football Club serves to keep up the spirit of competition that the World cup brings by introducing a new game mode and several other content drops.

Players will be able to participate in the Fortnite FC Academy and hone their skills in "Drive the Flag" matches. Participants will be able to select a class and work their way up for the chance to be a part of Fortnite FC. The Academy will be available as an island created by Alliance Studios that can be accessed by using this island code: 0992-0392-5815.

As a bonus, If you're able to win three matches in the academy you'll also be treated with the Football Tag Spray. Take note that in order to track your wins, you'll need to log into the Fortnite Football Club Academy website with your Epic account.

Spearheading this new experience will be LeBron James, Neymar Jr., Chloe Kim, TheGrefg, and Sparkplug. Each of these athletes will have unique Fortnite FC Outfits that can be purchased through Fortnite's in-game shop. Furthermore, these outfits will come in three variants: Home, Away, and Off the Field. Players will also be able to choose from the following colors: Red, Yellow, Light Gray, Gray, Black, and Purple.

All of this excited new content is available now for Fortnite fans. For even more Fortnite news, make sure to check out these articles,

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