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Fortnite MEGA Teaser Trailer Goes Live

2023-04-10 15:37
Epic Games finally dropped the teaser trailer for Fortnite MEGA, revealing new Battle Pass skins traveling along the urban streets of a Neo-Tokyo POI.
Fortnite MEGA Teaser Trailer Goes Live

The teaser trailer for Fortnite MEGA finally dropped, giving fans their first look at Chapter 4 Season 2.

After introducing a new map in Chapter 4 Season 1, Fortnite is once again bringing a new aesthetic to the Battle Royale. The medieval-themed season will transform into a futuristic setting inspired by a city across the globe.

Reliable Fortnite leakers, ShiinaBR and HYPEX, have reported many cosmetics and other features coming in the new season, including an Eren Yeager skin. But now, players can see the new landscape and Battle Pass skins in-motion from Epic Games themselves.

Here's a breakdown of the Fortnite MEGA teaser trailer.

Fortnite MEGA Teaser Trailer Goes Live

The tagline for the teaser trailer reads, "The future's looking bright." The video then transports viewers down the futuristic streets of a Neo-Tokyo POI, presumably MEGA City. The urban environment, full of neon colors and bright lights, confirms the cyberpunk theme of Chapter 4 Season 2.

The teaser also displays the new Battle Pass skins. The characters interact with rumored items coming to the game, such as motorcycles and Katanas. On the very last image, fans can glimpse the secret Eren Yeager skin that will become available later in the season.

Players can expect a longer trailer when Fortnite MEGA goes live on Mar. 10.

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