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Fortnite Summer Escape Quests: How to Get All Rewards

2023-07-06 03:49
Those who complete Fortnite Summer Escape Quests will earn free in-game rewards, including a Back Bling and Glider, throughout Fortnite's 14 Days of Summer.
Fortnite Summer Escape Quests: How to Get All Rewards

Fortnite Summer Escape Quests are full of holiday-themed tasks and rewards for players to earn throughout the 14 Days of Summer Event.

Fortnite WILDS is getting a new look for the first two weeks of July. Creeky Compound has transformed into Sunswoon Lagoon, a summer hangout full of inflatable palm trees, twinkling lights, and waterfall murals. Plus, Frozen Ice Cream Cones are back in the game as a festive way to regain shield and white health.

The event also comes with three batches of Summer Escape Quests that challenge players to explore Sunswoon Lagoon, tally eliminations, and find Ice Cream Cones. As each quest is completed, players can earn free rewards throughout Fortnite Summer Escape.

Fortnite Summer Escape Quests: How to Get All Rewards

The Fortnite Summer Escape Quests offer in-game rewards to all players who manage to complete the Summer Escape Quests. In addition to XP for each individual quest, players can earn the following cosmetics:

  • Nanners Wrap
  • Treezy Back Bling
  • Blossom Drop Contrail

The following milestone rewards are also available to those who achieve certain totals of completed quests:

  • Complete 14 Summer Escape Quests: Wild Fronds Back Bling
  • Complete 18 Summer Escape Quests: Bugsy Glider
  • Complete 24 Summer Escape Quests: Toasted Coconut Emote and the Lagoon Escape Loading Screen

Fortnite Summer Escape ends on July 18 at 9 a.m. ET.

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