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From T-Series to CoComelon: Top 10 most watched YouTube channels in the world

2023-05-21 14:52
From entertainment, infotainment to DIY hacks, YouTube is your one-stop shop
From T-Series to CoComelon: Top 10 most watched YouTube channels in the world

YouTube is a Google-owned American online video sharing and social networking app. It has around 2.5 billion monthly users who watch over one billion hours of video per day. It features a wide range of videos and channels ranging from entertainment, infotainment to DIY hacks.

YouTube has had a far-reaching social impact, affecting popular culture, internet trends, and the creation of multimillionaire personalities. Here are most watched channels around the world.


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Top 10 most watched YouTube channels

1. T-Series
The first on the list is South Asian channel T-Series. Many YouTube records are held by the Indian record company, including the most lifetime views and subscribers. Despite many tough competitors, T-Series has marked the first position in most subscribed with 242 million subscribers and 223,112,688,291 all time views make it the most watched channels on YouTube around the world.

2. CoComelon

The Nursery Rhymes channel CoComelon received 159,720,393,740 views. The California-based repository of jingles and children's tunes finished second on the list. The Moonbug-owned hub is likely to recover, though uploading more Shorts could assist its chart position. The US based channel has 159 million subscribers.

3. SET India

Sony Entertainment Television is a leading Hindi General Entertainment channel in India, offering movie premieres, fiction & non-fiction shows, drama, suspense, romance & reality. The channel has received 144,886,864,694 total views and 156 million subscribers so far.

4. DaFuq!?Boom!

That unique name has been given to a channel with an equally peculiar brand of animated material. Long-necked heads burst out of toilet bowls in all of its top short-form videos. That may not appear to be a good recipe, but DaFuq!?Boom! received 6.29M subscribers and 72,006,295,236 all time views during our most recent survey, according to tubefilter's report.


PANDA BOI has managed to be in top 5 category of most watched channels with 14,221,635,851 all time views. The channel is owned by an Italian creator, who likes to ask people on the street about their own preferences. It has 22.3 million subscribers.


KIMPRO's is one of the second most subscribed channels in the world. It is a Korean channel that has 13.5 million subscribers and 13,794,455,568 all time views. The channel has customary mix of pop culture-related content. It currently has 1.3K videos. Watch their videos HERE.

7. Alfredo Larin

The Spanish channel is one of the top ten most watched networks in the world. El Salvador-based channel has 11,085,494,055 total views and 13.5 million subscribers securing the seventh position on the list.

8. GuiGe
GuiGe is the channel's owner, and most of the videos feature him pranking his mother and sister. The channel has received 5,644,877,085 total views and 7.43 million subscribers. The channel is the 8th most watched in the world.

9. CuRe 구래

The South Korean YouTube channel CuRe 구래 with 3,644,097,705 all time views and and 5.59 million subscribers is nineth on the most watched channel's list. The channel is owned by the couple who are usually seen eating different color food.

10. Noel Robinson

Noel Robinson named the channel after himself. On his channel, he performs dance and sometimes advertises various products through shorts. The Taiwan-based channel has 2,653,677,362 total views and 4.58 million subscribers.

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