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God of War Director Denies Reports of Ragnarok Delay

2023-04-10 15:38
Cory Barlog says God of War hasn't been delayed, but reports indicate a release date reveal has been postponed.
God of War Director Denies Reports of Ragnarok Delay

Amid swirling rumors of forthcoming release date reveals, God of War game director Cory Barlog has said Ragnarok has not been delayed — but reports indicate a planned release date reveal has been pushed back.

Gamereactor reported earlier this month the game had been delayed to 2023, but subsequent reporting from Bloomberg undercut that claim, and Gamereactor ultimately corrected its own report. Barlog weighed in Wednesday when a Twitter user asked him why he wouldn't "just go on and tell us that ragnarok is delayed so that we can move on."

"because its not," Barlog replied.

A second Twitter user named Randy MacReady followed up: "then where the Hell is it? why are we waiting so long?"

"Randy," Barlog answered, "we are not MacReady."

Another user asserted the game's release date reveal was Thursday. Barlog replied with a simple "no."

Jason Schreier, the reporter from Bloomberg, tweeted Ragnarok was scheduled to arrive in November, with a release date reveal set for Thursday.

"On God of War Ragnarok rumors: as of very recently, there was indeed a release date announcement planned for Thursday, June 30, per people familiar," he tweeted Wednesday. "Recent tweets from Cory Barlog suggest that is no longer happening. Still, as far as I know the game has not been delayed again."

Industry leaker Tom Henderson reported Thursday the release date and special editions reveal was meant for Thursday, June 30, but that plans changed abruptly Wednesday. The announcement was to come in the form of a PlayStation Blog post and video of the collector's editions; those are ready to post whenever Sony gives the go-ahead. It's not clear why the company decided to hold off.

Barlog directed 2018's God of War, but has not returned to that role for its sequel. Sony Santa Monica developer Eric Williams, who has worked on every game in the God of War series, is directing Ragnarok. The game is still officially set for release later this year. A TV show based on the series is in the works at Amazon.