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Grand Theft Auto 6 Leak May Be Work of Multiple Hackers

2023-04-10 15:38
More than one hacker may have been behind the Grand Theft Auto 6 leak, per the forum on which the leak was first posted.
Grand Theft Auto 6 Leak May Be Work of Multiple Hackers

The Grand Theft Auto 6 leak that revealed hours of in-development footage may have been the work of more than one hacker, according to the forum on which the leaks were first shared.

The GTA Forum says the initial leaks were posted by the account @teapotuberhacker, likely tied to the hacker Teapot. But the account may have been used by another user, known as Lily, per GTA Forum.

It's not yet clear whether Lily had or has access to the hacked material, and the GTA Forum doesn't believe they did. On the other hand, Lily claims they own a Telegram account that's attempting to sell GTA 5 source code for Ethereum.

"We have seen Telegram screenshots of messages posted by 'Lily' showing delay tactics and false information about the GTAF account, and without any activity on the account since Sunday, at this point we have no reason to believe 'Lily' currently possesses any of the hacked materials they claim to hold," the GTA Forum wrote in a post published Thursday. "We strongly advise against clicking, sharing, or downloading anything 'Lily' or anyone else posts in the Telegram group."

"This is a developing situation, and further inquiries may follow depending on the activity of all parties," the post continued.

The hacker or hackers behind the GTA leak may be the same ones responsible for a security breach at Uber the week before, and, if so, several other high profile hacks in the tech sector taking place over the last year. The FBI is actively investigating the situation, and a 17-year-old boy was arrested in Oxfordshire, U.K., on Thursday in connection to the Rockstar Games hack, per the City of London Police.

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