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Hidden Profession Masters in Dragonflight Explained

2023-04-10 15:38
Location of the hidden Profession Masters in the Dragonflight World of Warcraft expansion.
Hidden Profession Masters in Dragonflight Explained

In the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight players can find hidden profession masters all over the Dragon Isles. If a player has at least 25 skill in their chosen profession and speaks to these hidden NPCs that match the player's profession they can be rewarded. They can select to earn Five Knowledge Points for crafting professions, Ten knowledge points for gathering professions, or 25 Artisan’s Mettle for crafting. There is no specific quest or map to find these hidden professions but players have already figured out the exact coordinates. Here is where you can find these hidden professions in Dragonflight.

Hidden Profession Masters Dragonflight

Here are the coordinates for the 11 hidden profession masters in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight it is recommended to use the Tom Tom addon to insert the /way coordinates.

  • Grigori Vialtry for Alchemy – Waking Shores, /way 60.92, 75.84
  • Grekka Anvilsmash for Black Smithing – Waking Shores, /way 43.32, 66.60
  • Shalasar Glimmerdusk for Enchanting – Ohn’ahran Plains, /way 62.42, 18.70
  • Frizz Buzzcrank for Engineering – Azure Span, /way 17.8, 21.7
  • Hua Greenpaw for Herbalism – Ohn’ahran Plains, /way 58.42, 50.04
  • Lydiara Whisperfeather for Inscription – Azure Span, /way 40.20, 64.3
  • Pluutar for Jewelcrafting – Azure Span, /way 46.23, 40.84
  • Erden for Leatherworking – Ohn’ahran Plains, /way 82.45, 50.67
  • Bridgette Holdug for Mining – Thaldraszus, /way 61.52, 76.95
  • Zenzi for Skinning – Waking Shores, /way 73.34, 69.72
  • Elysa Raywinder for Tailoring – Valdrakken, /way, 27.96, 45.79

Hopefully, this will save many players time from wandering around aimlessly in throughout the Dragon Isle.

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