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Horizon Forbidden West shifts 8.4 million units

2023-05-10 20:22
Guerrilla Games is celebrating the impressive sales of 'Horizon Forbidden West'.
Horizon Forbidden West shifts 8.4 million units

'Horizon Forbidden West' has shifted 8.4 million units.

The 2022 action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment - which is the sequel to 2017's 'Horizon Zero Dawn' - reached the impressive milestone on April 16, 2023.

What's more, the entire franchise has exceeded 32.7 million in sales.

Guerrilla said in a PlayStation blog post to mark two decades of the former firm: “As of April 16, 2023, the Horizon franchise has sold through more than 32.7 million units worldwide, of which Horizon Forbidden West has sold through over 8.4 million units.

“Millions more around the world have discovered Horizon thanks to PlayStation’s subscription services and initiatives, including PlayStation Plus, and Play at Home. All told, it’s a milestone we never imagined possible twenty years ago when we first started making games.”

The milestone comes after the DLC 'Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores' got a new patch fixing broken quests and other gameplay issues.

Guerrilla released the update - patch 1.23 - last week to address a number of problems, including those with the Aerial Capture World Activities being incompletable for some users.

Although plenty of the issues with the Aerial Capture: North activity have indeed been fixed, some players can't complete it.

However, Guerrilla is continuing to work on a solution.

There are also improvements for the For His Amusement Main quest, which had been blocking progression for some players.

Meanwhile, there are further problems with other Main Quests including To the Burning Shores, The Stars in Their Eyes, Heaven and Earth and His Final Act.

Beyond that, the team has also implemented crash fixes as well as audio improvements, while dealing with other gameplay problems.

Guerrilla is also still investigating the For His Amusement quest's objective Investigate the Armony being unable to advance if players "restart from save during the objective".

Meanwhile, during that objective some players have reported that Seka "may not open the door when scanning the datapoint Access Control after examining the three clues during Investigate the Armory objective."

They are also looking into reports that Side Quest In His Wake's Kill the Guards objective has enemies getting stuck in the walls, which makes it "impossible to progress through".