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How to Complete Kill Code in Apex Legends

2023-07-24 23:25
Check out the full guide on how to complete the complicated maze in Kill Code: A Thief's Bane in Apex Legends.
How to Complete Kill Code in Apex Legends

Kill Code: A Thief's Bane in Apex Legends can be a complicated mode to complete without knowing exactly where to travel in the maze of the Hammond Robotics facility.

Fans will learn more about Loba's backstory as she breaches the facility that is likely connected to her parents' murder. Using her translocation bracelet, players must explore the confusing layout of rooms, ziplines, and platforms to ultimately find some answers, including the fate of Revenant.

Here's how to complete Kill Code: A Thief's Bane in Apex Legends.

How to Complete Kill Code in Apex Legends

To complete Kill Code in Apex Legends, you must make it through the maze of the Hammond Robotics facility. Following a cutscene with Valkyrie, you will be transported to a lower level of the facility where you must use Loba's bracelet to jump across a gap in the walkway and then reach the vent above the door.

After you follow the vents and drop onto another platform, head through the tunnel in the wall next to the locked door on your left. Another room, full of broken pathways, will be at the end of the tunnel. Use Loba's bracelet to travel across the platforms until you reach a yellow ladder. Climb the ladder and look to your right to find two yellow pipes with another walkway above them. Throw your bracelet onto the new platform to reach the next level.

Once you come to a red wall, throw your bracelet into the broken window to translocate into the fourth room. Use your bracelet to jump to the platform on your right and travel through the vent above the door until you seemingly reach a dead end. Throw the bracelet onto the ledge above you to find the open hallway that will take you to another vent.

How to Navigate the Ziplines in Kill Code: A Thief's Bane in Apex Legends

The vents will end with a metal door. Throw your bracelet at the door and then enter the room full of yellow ziplines. You must use your translocator to ride the ziplines through the facility in this order:

  1. Start with the zipline on your left until you see the platform in the middle of the room.
  2. Use your bracelet to jump onto the platform and take the zipline on the left.
  3. Jump to the next zipline on the end of the one you are on.
  4. Translocate to the broken platform beneath the third zipline.
  5. Take the vertical zipline until you can translocate to the platform where two ziplines meet.
  6. Translocate to the vent at the end of the zipline.

Follow the vent into a room with a lot of tables. Use your Black Market ultimate and then grab the Hammond Datapad. Backtrack through the ziplines until you reach the center platform. Use the Hammond Datapad to open the door to a room with moving columns. After you hop across the first two platforms, jump onto the ledge under a fan on the wall to your right.

Transport to the slow fan across the room and then crawl through it. Slide through the red tunnels until you reach the opening at the top. Use your translocator to escape. Next, head up the stairs and throw your bracelet at the blue door to reveal the final walkway.

What Happened to Reveant in Kill Code: A Thief's Bane?

Interact with the terminal in the center of the walkway to see the final cutscene. Loba will find Revenant's head and grab the mechanical eyeball hanging from its socket. When the cutscene ends, you will have completed Kill Code: A Thief's Bane.

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