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How to Get Blue Onions in Pikmin 4

2023-07-27 06:50
Getting those Blue Onions can be tough. Here's a guide to help you out.
How to Get Blue Onions in Pikmin 4

Pikmin 4 is a blast. Many players are excited to explore the new and improved world, which has exciting changes like character customization, Dandori Battles, and night expeditions.

Some of Pikmin 4's aspects, like colored onions, are a staple in the series. They let players obtain and store different types of Pikmin. The two Blue Onions, in particular, might be a little tricky to get to.

Here's how we got the Blue Onions in Sun-Speckled Terrace and Serene Shores.

Sun-Speckled Terrace Blue Onion

How to Get Blue Onions in Pikmin 4

You'll find The first Blue Onion across a puddle and on top of a small two-tiered area.
I'm sure you'd like to get a hold of the Blue Pikmin as soon as possible, but there are a few steps to follow beforehand.

First, you'll have to save Russ, the inventor, from Last-Frost Cavern. You unlock the ability to use raw materials after doing so. This rescue mission also triggers Oatchi's growth spurt, letting you ride his back and granting him the jump skill.

Oatchi must also learn to swim. In this case, you must lead the dog into any body of water so he'll nearly drown. I know this sounds inhumane, but it must be done. After two in-game days, Captain Shepherd will inform you that she taught the puppy how to swim.

The last things are getting more Pikmin and upgrading Oatchi's strength. You need 30 Ice Pikmin to freeze the lake and the power of 20 Pikmin to carry the onion across it.

Here's how you can reach these goals:

  • Get 2 Flarlic to expand the number of Pikmin that can accompany you. This should increase your total Pikmin to 40.
  • Train Oatchi so he'll have the power of 10 Pikmin. Do this by visiting caves and rescuing castaways.
  • Get Ice Pikmin. You'll get ten from Last-Frost Cavern and 20 more from Hectic Hollows.

Now, you're finally ready to get to the Blue Onion. Follow these ten steps to complete your mission:

  1. Start by gathering 30 Ice Pikmin and as many Red Pikmin as possible from your base.
  2. Walk to the puddle and throw 30 Ice Pikmin into it.
  3. Order the rest of the Pikmin to build the wall to the left of the water.
  4. Climb up the wall. Oatchi will wait for you at the foot of it.
  5. Use the Red Pikmin to kill the Fiery Blowhog.
  6. Order the Pikmin to start digging up the onion. Return to where the Ice Pikmin are and whistle to call them to you.
  7. Climb up the wall and throw 10 of your Ice Pikmin at the Blue Onion so they can help the red ones dig it up.
  8. The Pikmin will start to carry the onion back to the base. The little guys will get stuck when they drop down to the bottom ledge since there's no way for them to cross the river.
  9. Fall to the ledge where the Pikmin are. Whistle to order them to return to you. Then, throw all the Ice Pikmin into the lake to freeze it again.
  10. Order the Red Pikmin to hold the onion.
  11. Get onto Oatchi's back, hop onto the ledge, and order the dog to help the Red Pikmin carry the onion.

One Blue Onion down and one to go!

Serene Shores Blue Onion

Luckily, this onion requires less puzzle-solving brain power.

The Blue Onion is atop the sandcastle. You can defeat the Armored Cannon Larvae or avoid their rock attacks on your way up. The Crusted Rumpup is a bigger challenge.

Bring about 30 Ice Pikmin and as many blue ones as possible. A good strategy is to stay behind the monster. Doing this will make it harder for the creature to eat your Pikmin.

You can also throw the Ice Pikmin near the tip of the Crusted Rumpup's tail. The Ice Pikmin are weaker, but they'll eventually freeze it. This strategy will give your stronger Blue Pikmin time to inflict much damage without getting hurt.

After you beat the Crusted Rumpup, you can get the Blue Onion. Here's how:

  1. I recommend moving your base to the area. This step isn't mandatory, but it saves a lot of time.
  2. After the base arrives, go to the nearest wall.
  3. Order your Pikmin to build it with raw materials.
  4. Climb the wall. Again, you'll have to leave Oatchi behind for now.
  5. Kill the two Puckering Blinnows with the Blue Pikmin.
  6. Use the Blue Pikmin to dig up the onion.
  7. Once it's plucked, the water in the pond will drain. Use any Pikmin to bring the onion back to the base.

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