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Is PGA Tour 2K23 on the Switch?

2023-04-10 15:38
PGA Tour 2K23 will not be released on the Nintendo Switch.
Is PGA Tour 2K23 on the Switch?

Fans of PGA Tour 2K23 looking to take their golfing on the go have just one question: Is PGA Tour 2K23 on the Nintendo Switch?

With the arrival of PGA Tour 2K23 on Oct. 14 on PlayStation and Xbox consoles and PC, fans of the long-running golf series were left wondering if the game would eventually get a port to the Nintendo Switch.

Although the PGA Tour series is no stranger to having its games release on the Nintendo Switch in the past, such as PGA Tour 2K21, fans hoping to take their golfing on the go will be disappointed to hear that this just might not be possible.

Is PGA Tour 2K23 on the Switch?

Golfing fans hoping to experience PGA Tour 2K23 on their Nintendo Switch will be sad to hear that there is no Nintendo Switch version currently available for the game. Although the previous entry in the PGA Tour series, PGA Tour 2K21, did arrive on the Nintendo Switch, this is not the case for the most current entry to the golfing series.

Although there has been no news confirming that a Nintendo Switch version will be arriving at a later date, players can hold out hope if the demand for a Switch version of the game is high enough.

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