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Kai Cenat: Exploring Twitch king's top 5 celebrity collaborations during livestreams

2023-08-27 22:26
Kai Cenat's livestreams have featured some extremely popular celebrities over the years, and some of the interactions have been pure gold
Kai Cenat: Exploring Twitch king's top 5 celebrity collaborations during livestreams

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Kai Cenat is a highly acclaimed Twitch streamer with a vast following of millions across various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube.

His reputation is built on creating captivating content, which often includes pranks, challenges, and reaction videos. He is particularly famous for hosting celebrities and rappers during his live streams.

As one of the most accomplished streamers on Twitch, here is a look at some of Kai Cenat's standout livestreams featuring celebrities and rappers.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock

In November 2022, Kai Cenat extended an invitation to popular American rapper Blueface and his girlfriend Chrisean Rock to join him on a live stream.

The stream began in typical Cenat fashion with a conversation about their careers, dancing challenges, and so on. However, it took an unexpected turn when Rock impulsively threw a chair against one of the walls in Cenat's room, leaving a noticeable hole.

It appeared Rock wasn't acting out of frustration; she seemed to throw the chair spontaneously. Then, she patted Cenat on the shoulder and casually said, "Okay."

The camera did not capture the exact spot on the wall where the damage occurred, leaving viewers in the dark regarding the extent of the impact. Nevertheless, it was clear from Cenat's expression that he was taken aback by the reckless behavior.

Lil Baby

On October 19, 2022, Kai Cenat achieved a remarkable milestone by breaking his previous viewership records on Twitch. The excitement was palpable when he revealed a special collaboration with rapper Lil Baby, attracting an astounding 200,000+ eager viewers.

The collaboration revolved around the promotion of Lil Baby's album 'It's Only Me', which had hit the market just five days before. As anticipation mounted, the viewer count surged, rising from an initial 190,000 to an impressive 225,000 and beyond as soon as Lil Baby made his appearance.

Ice Spice

Ice Spice, known for her hit tracks 'Munch' and 'Princess Diana', teamed up with Cenat in October 2022, resulting in one of the most entertaining livestreams to date.

They indulged in light-hearted banter throughout the stream and pulled playful pranks, including one involving the rapper's Nike Tech attire. They also shared insights and tips, with Cenat offering guidance on maintaining composure.

Additionally, they spiced things up by introducing a rating game, featuring a fellow streamer at their desk.

The interaction made for a vibrant and entertaining livestream. They even took on dance challenges, showcasing their moves and creating memorable moments, especially with Spice's playful demeanor and Cenat's enthusiastic participation.

21 Savage

One of the most noteworthy moments of Kai Cenat's career featured rapper 21 Savage, known as The Slaughter King. The UK-born artist received an invitation to the AMP house, where he joined Cenat for an engaging streaming session.

During the session, Cenat and 21 Savage engaged in friendly competition, placing bets on various challenges before immersing themselves in thrilling matches of NBA 2K23 in November 2022.

Despite 21 Savage emerging victorious in both encounters against Cenat, the livestream garnered significant attention within the streaming community. It has amassed an impressive 14 million views so far.


Drake was an unexpected guest on one of Kai Cenat’s December 2022 livestreams, thanks to an impromptu video call.

During the conversation with Drake, Cenat shared details about the bets he and 21 Savage had been making on their NBA 2K games. The wagers had reached as high as $21,000.

However, Drake raised the stakes significantly by fearlessly betting an astonishing $121,000. Later in the video call, Cenat inquired when Drake might consider joining him on one of his livestreams.

The Canadian rapper jokingly responded that he didn't do streams unless they involved gambling. He hinted at the possibility of setting up a collaborative stream, potentially involving 21 Savage, who had knowledge of Cenat’s whereabouts and could contemplate making an appearance.

Cenat said, “You wanna pull up man, fr fr.”

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