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Kirby's Dream Buffet turned into light novel

2023-04-10 15:38
Fans of the Kirby light novels will want to check out the 'Dream Buffet' adaptation.
Kirby's Dream Buffet turned into light novel

'Kirby's Dream Buffet' has been adapted into a light novel.

The 2022 party video game was released for the Nintendo Switch in August, and now it's set to be released as a story on December 14 in Japan.

According to Automaton Media, the synopsis roughly translates into: "A galactic witch has created a mountain of snacks using a magical fork that has the power to grant wishes. Kirby and friends are obviously very excited by this. Kirby then wishes to eat even more snacks which the magical fork seemingly grants. Suddenly, Kirby, King Dedede, and Meta Knight and company find themselves shrunken down and inside the snack mountain, thus beginning the race to the Gourmet King’s throne."

A light novel is typically around 50,000 words or less.

The games starring the mighty pink fluff ball have inspired 25 light novels to date since 2013.