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Leaked Valorant Agent Iso: What We Know So Far

2023-10-19 03:50
Here's everything we know so far about leaked Valorant Agent Iso, including his abilities, release date, and appearance.
Leaked Valorant Agent Iso: What We Know So Far

After months of rumors, leaked images and intel revealed Valorant's newest Agent, Iso.

Riot Games is gearing up to release the next Agent in Valorant. After Deadlock's disappointing addition to the Agent pool, the developers turned their attention to their upcoming Duelist. Although there are still many question marks surrounding Iso, new leaks from reliable Valorant leaker, ValorLeaks, finally gave fans a preview of what is to come.

Here's everything we know so far about Iso in Valorant.

Leaked Valorant Agent Iso: What We Know So Far

So far, leaks have not only revealed the newest Agent's name, but also his appearance. Iso is a Chinese male with cropped black hair and purple eyes. His black and grey outfit brings a futuristic vibe we have not seen in a long time.

We also know that Iso is a Duelist. After the recent nerfs to Jett, Raze has become the best Duelist in the game. Depending on Iso's abilities and ultimate, he just might skyrocket to the top of the Duelist tier list and give Raze a little competition.

Until we get a full Agent reveal, though, Iso's abilities remain unknown. The only thing we know for sure is Iso has "a little twist that you never thought would make it into Valorant."

The developers have continued teasing Iso's launch with short clips on X. Recently, Cypher told Omen, "This new recruit...there's something you should know."

Fortunately, a new leak announced the official Iso trailer is coming sooner than players might think.

When Does the Valorant Iso Trailer Go Live?

The Valorant Iso trailer goes live tomorrow, Oct. 19, 2023. According to ValorLeaks, the trailer is just under three minutes long.

Like previous Agent reveals, players can expect to see the first official look at Iso's appearance and abilities. Plus, we will likely see him interact with a few other Agents as he prepares to join the lineup.

Valorant Iso Release Date Revealed

Iso will be released in Valorant on Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2023. The new Agent will headline Episode 7 Act 3 as the major update hits the servers.

Stay tuned for more information and updates about Iso from Riot Games as his release quickly approaches.

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