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Marauders 'Astro Mechanic' Contract: How to Complete

2023-04-10 15:38
Here's a breakdown of how to complete the "Astro Mechanic" contract in Marauders.
Marauders 'Astro Mechanic' Contract: How to Complete

The "Astro Mechanic" contract in Marauders is one that seems simple enough to do, but can give players headaches if they don't know how to complete it.

Just as in most popular, tactical first-person multiplayer looter shooters these days, Marauders invites players to accept, complete and turn in contracts to factions in order to earn money, experience, affinity and more. Contract objectives can range from collecting a certain amount of objects, killing a certain number of a specific enemy, getting kills with a specific weapon or activating a certain item in the game world.

Here's a breakdown of how to complete the "Astro Mechanic" contract in Marauders.

How to Complete the 'Astro Mechanic' Marauders Contract

The Astro Mechanic contract is given by the United Allies, who consist of remnants of the United States and France.

Its objective is simple: the Allies have a Heavy Frigate scheduled for maintenance that's currently stationed in the Space Station and they need you to repair its Fuel system so it can be recovered.

To repair the Heavy Frigate's Fuel System, players will need to find it on the L1812 Service Space Station, which is also known as the Spaceport. The Spaceport map is a static location found in raids, and contains four docking stations.

Once players aim at the Fuel System, a caption will appear, allowing them to interact with it for 12 seconds.

In exchange for successfully repairing the Fuel System and turning in the contract, players will be rewarded with 250 XP, 85 Affinity (United Allies) and $9,000.

Marauders is available now in early access for PC (via Steam).

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