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Mizkif mocks Adin Ross for his 'pretty crazy' Kick ban comments: 'I have a Rumble deal'

2023-06-09 14:17
Mizkif has responded to Adin Ross' recent controversial take on his Twitch ban
Mizkif mocks Adin Ross for his 'pretty crazy' Kick ban comments: 'I have a Rumble deal'

AUSTIN, TEXAS: Matthew Rinaudo aka Mizkif, a prominent Twitch streamer and YouTuber, responded to Adin Ross' recent controversial take on him. Ross is a popular live streamer across various social media platforms and made a claim during one of his live streams that the Twitch platform is in a dire state.

During the stream, Ross also mentioned that "every streamer" wants to join a rival streaming platform Kick, and specifically named the two streamers Mizkif and HasanAbi who are permanently banned from streaming on Trainwreckstv. Mizkif responded to Ross' claims. Keep reading to know more.

‘I have a Rumble deal’

During the recent live stream of Ross, he made claimed a controversial claim about Mizkif, "There's two streamers that are banned from Kick. Mizkif, you can't come. You're not coming to Kick, bro. I'm sorry, you're not coming, bro! Me and Bruce, we don't want you here. You're not coming. That's first of all. F**k you! S**k a d**k!”

One of Ross's fan pages posted the clip of his claims and tweeted, “If you guys knew how many streamers are in my DMs about coming to kick, you would be like, 'WTF?' Hasan and Mizkif, you guys are never coming, Adin Ross speaks on Twitch’s downfall”

Mizkif mocked Ross's claims, "Banned on Kick. That's pretty crazy to get banned on Kick, considering it's so degenerate. You've got to be pretty bad! They must have been way worse logs than I had before if you're getting banned off Kick. I must have been a serious problem. Honestly, I thought my old logs were, like, a resume for that site. I'm like, 'What the hell?!' He also respected Ross wishes, “"No, it's all right, chat. It's okay we're banned from Kick. I do respect Adin. Mr Adin, with his... with his wishes. I understand."

And Mizkif also stated, "I don't want any problems. I hope you understand. I don't want any problems with Mr Adin himself. Mr Ross. Don't want any problems! You don't want me there? I'm not going." He also praised Ross, "Actually a good dude. Shout out to Adin. Dude actually cares. Like, he doesn't want me to go on Kick because he knows I have a Rumble deal. Like, that's actually huge! Thank you, man! Like, he genuinely wants me to do well on Rumble. I appreciate that!"

'What did miz even do to adin?'

One of the YouTube users responded to the whole situation saying, "What did miz even do to adin? It just seems random and out of nowhere, but I like how miz just kinda makes light of it and keeps doing his own thing lately despite all the one-sided hate and competition around him." Another user said, "Adin trying to impress his 13 year old fan boys." One fan wrote, "It's like a student going against the master." Another fan wrote, "Isnt banning someone of kick for no reason like defeating the whole purpose of the site lol." Another fan user said, "Kick shouldn't let kids run their website if they truly want to grow as a platform." The other user wrote, "why adin and bruce suddenly hating on mizkif??"

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