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Most Broken Weapons in Warzone Season 4

2023-07-07 01:28
The Lachmann-556 and SO-14 are the two most broken guns in Warzone Season 4 that will win almost any long range gunfight if you hit your shots.
Most Broken Weapons in Warzone Season 4

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 finally has a new meta with a few broken weapons to ensure Warzone Ranked victories.

Player health increased from 100 to 150 in Warzone Season 4. Opponents with full armor are now 300HP and take a few more bullets to kill. The old weapons meta no longer kills the fastest in Battle Royale or Resurgence, allowing some new guns to jump to the top of every Warzone tier list in the past month.

Here's a breakdown of the most broken weapons in Warzone Season 4.

Most Broken Weapons in Warzone Season 4


The Lachmann-556 has replaced the ISO Hemlock as the best AR to use in Warzone Season 4. The gun dominates long-range engagements and has very little recoil. Plus, its damage profile received a few buffs that make it too good to ignore.


The SO-14 Battle Rifle is just as good as the Lachmann-556 AR. The semi-automatic Battle Riffle is easy to use and can deal high damage from just about any range. The gun also has a full-automatic mode, but the recoil is much higher, and therefore will take a longer time to kill. It really comes down to personal preference when it comes time to choose between the Lachmann-556 or SO-14 in Warzone.

Lachmann Sub

Although the ISO 45 has risen in popularity, the Lachmann Sub is still the most reliable SMG in Warzone Season 4. The 50-round drum gives players plenty of ammo to kill multiple enemies before reloading, and the weapon's damage up close will shred through any opponent. The Lachmann Sub and the SO-14 provide a balanced loadout across Al Mazrah, Ashika Island, and Vondel.

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