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Most Overpowered Weapons in MW3

2023-11-14 01:58
The most overpowered weapons in MW3 are the Holger 556, MCW, MTZ-556, Rival-9, and Striker, perfect for dominating close and long-range gunfights.
Most Overpowered Weapons in MW3

Looking for the most overpowered weapons in MW3? We have the best assault rifles and SMGs to dominate all modes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

With 114 weapons available at launch, Modern Warfare 3 has plenty of options for fans to choose from as they explore the remastered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009) maps. Although weapons from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) carried forward to the game, the best guns in the new title are all new additions,

Here's the five most overpowered weapons in MW3.

Most Overpowered Weapons in MW3

Check out the most overpowered weapons in MW3.

1. Holger 556

The Holger 556 is easily the best weapon in MW3. The assault rifle boasts an unreal TTK and barely any recoil. If you hit your shots, you will come out on top of practically every mid and long-range engagement on the map. In fact, the gun is so powerful that it was GA'ed from competitive Call of Duty just one day into the game.

2. MCW

The MCW is another S-Tier assault rifle in MW3. You might have to fire a bit more bullets thanks to MW3's 150HP, but the gun still shreds opponents thanks to a slight buff on launch day. If you were a fan of the iconic ACR from Modern Warfare 2, then the MCW is the gun for you.

3. MTZ-556

The MTZ-556 is MW3's best flex gun. Although it is technically an AR, the gun is lethal in close-range engagements as well, almost acting as an SMG. It will not beat an opponent with a Rival-9 or Striker, but it will compete with the rest of the weapon pool in close quarter combat. Plus, the MTZ-556 is available as soon as you begin playing the new title; it is a great weapon to start with before you level up the other guns in the game.

4. Rival-9

Of all the close-range options in both Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3, the Rival-9 is a top two SMG in the game. The professional Call of Duty League players ran it the entire launch weekend, easily cementing itself in the MW3 close-range meta. Unlocking the Rival-9 takes a bit of effort, though. You must reach level 25 and then complete three daily challenges to get the SMG.

5. Striker

The Striker is the other best SMG in MW3. It was easily the most popular choice of the beta, but it received a handful of nerfs at launch, including decreased maximum damage range, medium damage, ADS time, and more. Despite the changes, though, the gun is still very viable in MW3. Just do not expect to win any mid or long-range gunfights against the Holger 556 or MCW.

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