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MTG Pro Tour MagicCon Philadelphia 2023 Winners, Decks

2023-04-10 15:38
MagicCon Philadelphia 2023 concluded this weekend, leading a Magic Hall of Famer to collect their first Pro Tour trophy.
MTG Pro Tour MagicCon Philadelphia 2023 Winners, Decks

Magic: The Gathering's latest Pro Tour event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania concluded over the weekend, and the results of the tournament are now locked in. Here's what you need to know about the tournament meta and who's advancing to the next stage of Magic competition.

To enter the Pro Tour, players must first qualify via a Local Qualifier and a Regional Qualifier. These two events come together in the Pro Tour, where players from different regions play against one another in one massive event. The year is then capped off by the World Championship, which has a massive cash prize and the opportunity for the winner to be memorialized in an upcoming Magic card.

MTG Pro Tour MagicCon Philadelphia 2023 Winner

The champion of Magic's Pro Tour Philadelphia Pioneer tournament was Magic Hall of Famer Reid Duke, piloting his Izzet Creativity deck to victory against Benton Madsen and his Selesnya Auras deck.

Reid Duke's Izzet Creativity Deck

Duke's deck uses a card called Indomitable Creativity to "cheat" large creatures Worldspine Wurm and Xenagos, God of Revels into play and win the game instantly, a powerful combo that is difficult to stop.

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