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Netflix add 'game handles'

2023-04-10 15:38
Netflix is hinting at future gaming options.
Netflix add 'game handles'

Netflix has added 'game handles'.

The streaming giant has given users the option to create a username in its gaming section.

A description reads: “Your game handle is a unique public name for playing games on Netflix."

Earlier this month, Netflix's video games were reported to have been downloaded 23.3 million times.

The platform has been investing lots of time and money into its video game products over recent years - but as yet, consumers are still largely overlooking what they have to offer.

Data revealed that 1.7 million Netflix subscribers were engaging with the service's games on a daily basis. That equates to less than one per cent of Netflix's 221 million subscribers, according to CNBC.

The figures - which were provided by Apptopia, a global app tracker - showed that Netflix's games had been downloaded 23.3 million times. That number is equal to around ten per cent of Netflix's subscribers. However, lots of users may have downloaded multiple gaming titles.

Despite this, Netflix remains ambitious in the gaming sphere.

And Netflix previously cited Epic Games and TikTok as two of its biggest rivals, even though they seemingly exist in different industries.

Netflix chief operating officer Greg Peters admitted that the company is still learning about the gaming industry, too.

He said: "We’re going to be experimental and try a bunch of things. But I would say the eyes that we have on the long-term prize really centre more around our ability to create properties that are connected to the universes, the characters, the stories that we’re building."