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NHL 23 Club Rankings Detailed

2023-04-10 15:38
NHL 23 Club Rankings detailed for season rankings on cross platform for current and last generation.
NHL 23 Club Rankings Detailed

EA Sports' latest NHL game, NHL 23, has fun modes keeping the game interesting, like EASHL.

NHL 23 gives players the opportunity to play as some of their favorite NHL players, like Phil Kessel for example. The game also gives players the option to play as some of the best goalies in the world and with some of the best offenses and defenses out there. For some, the real fun comes in EASHL.

EASHL gives players the opportunity to create their own virtual pro player that will compete with friends in a virtual game against some of the best clubs from around the world. EASHL has online seasons keeping the game interesting and even has rankings on the EA NHL website.

NHL 23 Club Rankings Detailed

Season Ranking Cross Platform Current Gen

1. Nothing 2 Prove - 3,606 Points
2. The Howitzers - 3,455 Points
3. EMO GANG - 2,747 Points
4. Heroes - 2,672 Points
5. DEGERATED V3NGEANCE - 2,643 Points

Season Ranking Cross Platform Last Gen

1. x T R I U M P H x - 4,152 Points
2. Ike Sells Games - 3,148 Points
3. Mickey N Friends - 3,067 Points
4. Via Dolorosa - 2,927 Points
5. MeanMachine999 - 2,600 Points

NHL 23 also offers different rankings on clubs, specifically on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and Xbox One, but the most important categories has to be cross-platform. Cross-platform is rather new to NHL 23, but it is one of the best new features in the game.

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