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NO TWERK, NO WORK! Alinity 'may' sign deal with Kick after Twitch bans her for twerking

2023-06-07 22:15
Alinity could be the next Twitch star to join Kick after ban
NO TWERK, NO WORK! Alinity 'may' sign deal with Kick after Twitch bans her for twerking

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Natalia Mogollon aka Alinity is a prominent Twitch streamer and YouTuber, who is recognized for her gameplay in 'World of Warcraft' and 'Apex Legends'. Recently, she faced a three-day ban on Twitch for allegedly sharing "sexual content," as reported by Twitch. Alinity herself confirmed the ban through an announcement on her Twitter account.

With an impressive Instagram following of more than 410,000, Alinity has now sparked speculation that she is signinging a deal with the platform Kick. During the recent live stream, she dropped hints about her next move. For further information on Alinity's future plans, continue reading.

‘Getting a deal with Kick’

During her recent livestream, a fan asked Alinity whether she would be moving to Kick. She paused a minute and claimed, “I may or may not be in the process of getting a deal with Kick.” The speculation started to rise as quite a few streamers have already secured contracts to migrate their content to competing platforms, with some even securing exclusive show deals.

Alinity also posted the twerking clip on her Twitter by saying, “Clip that got me banned. The irony.” She also posted the report from Twitch and defended herself, “When I tell them that there's way worse in the platform, all Twitch says is: "well it needs reported for a ban," so I guess go ahead and report anything you think it worse than this, cause there is lots.”

‘Twitch trippin for real’

One Twitter user said, “alinity please i was very upset and triggered by your hips moving as you danced. I think twitch made a very rational move and banned this overly sexual content. Please think about moving your hips next time you dance thanks”. Another wrote, “My children go on twitch!! Please put your optimal birthing hips away from my children! What has this platform come to…” Another wrote, “Nah, I'm writing a letter. Twitch trippin forreal” The other wrote, “man, better not ever stream any bar in south america ever, the amount of obscene dancing there would shut the internet down” The last user said, “They did sing "booty so big that twitch wanna ban it" and twitch actually said "yeah you right"

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