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Overwatch 2 Ana Rework Makes Few Changes

2023-04-10 15:38
Here are all the changes Overwatch 2 brought to Ana's kit.
Overwatch 2 Ana Rework Makes Few Changes

Overwatch 2's PVP beta went live this week, revealing to players the many changes made to the game's balance and to its wide cast of heroes. Ana is among the heroes who saw changes, but her changes were far smaller in scale than those applied to other heroes such as Doomfist. Here's everything that's changed for Ana in Overwatch 2.

New Passive Healing

Overwatch 2 added a class-wide passive to all the Support heroes that allows them to slowly heal themselves over time as long as they avoid taking damage. The exact rate of healing has yet to be nailed down, but this change should make Ana a little more self-sufficient and keep her active in fights for more of the time without forcing her to use a Biotic Grenade on herself.

Kit Changes

Ana's abilities are the same she had in Overwatch 1, including her Biotic Grenade, Sleep Dart and Nano Boost. Blizzard appears to have dropped the effectiveness of the Biotic Grenade slightly; players report the healing and damage from the grenade's initial impact have been dropped from 100 to 60. Ana's Sleep Dart has also been nerfed, with its cooldown rising from 12 seconds to 15. Thus far, Nano Boost appears unaltered.