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Predicting Eminem's Fortnite Concert Setlist

2023-11-29 02:27
Check out our predicted Eminem Fortnite concert setlist, including songs like Lose Yourself, Not Afraid, Monsters, and more.
Predicting Eminem's Fortnite Concert Setlist

As the entire Fortnite community awaits The Big Bang live event, we predicted Eminem's Fortnite concert setlist ahead of his big Battle Royale debut.

After a year of no in-game live events, Epic Games is finally delivering a major finale for Chapter 4. Not only is The Big Bang giving us a preview of Chapter 5's LEGO, Rocket Racing, and Rhythm modes, but it is also delivering an Eminem concert. The 15-time Grammy award winner is set to perform on the Fortnite servers in a spectacle that could rival the iconic Travis Scott and Ariana Grande concerts.

Although it is unclear how long his performance will be, as well as what songs he will sing, we compiled a list of the most likely options from his illustrious career.

Predicting Eminem's Fortnite Concert Setlist

We predict Eminem's Fortnite concert setlist will consist of songs spanning across the last two decades. If his concert is the same length as the previous Fortnite concerts, then we will see him perform around five or six songs.

Check out our predicted Eminem Fortnite concert setlist:

  • Lose Yourself
  • The Real Slim Shady
  • Monsters
  • Without Me
  • Not Afraid
  • Unreleased song

Of course, Lose Yourself will be the main song of the concert, followed by more of Eminem's biggest hits. The Real Slim Shady goes along with the Slim Shady Eminem skin offered in the Item Shop, and Monsters is already featured on Icon Radio.

Then, we chose two more iconic tracks, Without Me and Not Afraid. Finally, the rapper just might play a new song to close out the concert, similar to Travis Scott's premiere of THE SCOTTS.

Fortnite Eminem Concert Start Time

The Fortnite Eminem concert starts at 2 p.m. ET on Saturday, Dec. 2, 2023. Players will want to load into The Big Bang live event as early as possible to ensure they do not miss a second of the concert.

If the Fortnite player count throughout Fortnite OG is any indication, the Eminem concert just might break the record for the most attended Fortnite live event of all time.

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