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PSVR2 headset rumoured to be delayed until 2023

2023-04-10 15:38
Sony's PSVR2 could potentially be delayed.
PSVR2 headset rumoured to be delayed until 2023

The Sony PSVR2 headset could be delayed.

Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, has claimed there are supply issues at Sony and Apple, which could impact the release date for the next-gen headset.

He tweeted: "VR display shipments to rise 50% to 15M in 2022 despite delays to 2023 at Apple and Sony. Big jump forecasted in 2023."

However, as pointed out by IGN's tech editor, Taylor Lyles, Sony is yet to offer an official release date for the VR2, although reports suggested it would be ready for this holiday season.

She commented on Young's post: "Technically it was not delayed as PSVR2 never received a release date.

"Rumors speculated it could come in the holiday of 2022, but Sony has never officially provided a release date, let alone a launch window. (sic)"

Just last week, it was teased that Sony could be about to announce a PlayStation VR2 showcase.

The tech giant already started sending out emails that contain the phrase "Introducing PlayStation VR2", according to Tom Henderson.

The industry insider said on Twitter: "Sony sent out a new email yesterday named "Introducing PlayStation VR2" - There was a similar email a couple of weeks prior to the PS5 pre-launch, too. It could indicate there are plans for a PSVR2 showcase soon as both @GameOverGreggy and @JeffGrubb had heard. (sic)"

However, he added: "It could be something or could be nothing. It's just interesting given the timing of everything."

Jeff Grubb and Greg Miller have both recently mentioned the rumours that are surrounding Sony at the moment.

Meanwhile, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan previously opened up about the company's VR ambitions.

Jim explained that PlayStation continues to believe in the long-term prospects for VR technology.

He shared: "We like to innovate; we think our community likes us to innovate. I’d turn around the question and say, 'Why not?' For us, it’s a very logical step to take. We’re very excited by it and we think that people who are going to make VR games for our new VR system are going to be very excited too."