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Starfield Direct reveals New Atlantis is Bethesda's 'biggest city' yet, in more ways than one

2023-06-12 20:20
The big showcase dedicated to 'Starfield' brought new details about the long-awaited title to light.
Starfield Direct reveals New Atlantis is Bethesda's 'biggest city' yet, in more ways than one

New 'Starfield' gameplay was unveiled during the Starfield Direct event on Sunday (11.06.23).

Game Director Todd Howard and his colleagues at Bethesda Game Studios gave fans a deeper dive into the world of the hotly-anticipated sci-fi RPG during the dedicated event, which followed immediately after the Xbox Games Showcase.

And they delivered 45 minutes of gameplay.

Details about character customisation - promising "higher fidelity models than ever before" - and the title's main questline were confirmed.

The game sends "intrepid explorers on a mission to discover the secrets of the universe."

The galaxy is known as The Settled Systems and is located outward from the Solar System for approximately 50 light-years.

Cities were introduced, including New Atlantis, which is “the biggest city that Bethesda has ever made, not just in size."

It was also revealed that the "Companions you bring with you, and the crew you hire on, will provide different bonuses to your ship and outpost."

A number of skills were revealed, including Xenosociology, which enables the player to telepathically control aliens.

As for the ships, players can "build, customise and upgrade your roster of ships."

A blog post further teased: "From the surfaces of over 1,000 planets to the space in between, discovering what’s out there is nearly limitless. All of this is powered by new technology, which allowed Bethesda Game Studios to create completely unique experiences for every player, while still applying all of the hand-crafted care players have come to expect."

'Starfield' launches on Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 6.