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TOTW 2 Predictions FC 24: Son, Trippier, Joao Cancelo and More

2023-09-25 22:45
TOTW 2 predictions for FC 24 Ultimate Team include Heung-min Son, Joao Cancelo, Kieran Trippier, Harry Kane, Anderson Talisca and more.
TOTW 2 Predictions FC 24: Son, Trippier, Joao Cancelo and More

EA Sports FC 24 Team of the Week 2 predictions are coming in as fans prepare for the second wave of in-forms in packs this Ultimate Team year.

Team of the Week is a weekly promotion in FC Ultimate Team in which the best performing players from around the world receive special items in packs based on their real life performances. These cards have their own upgrade scale and remain in packs for a week before a new TOTW is released. TOTW 2 will be the first squad available in packs for full release coming on Sept. 29.

Here are our predictions for EA Sports FC 24 TOTW 2.

TOTW 2 Predictions FC 24

When Does EA Sports FC 24 Team of the Week Come Out?

FC 24 Team of the Week squads release every Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET. That TOTW squad will be in packs until the next TOTW releases the following Wednesday.

Are Men and Women in FC 24 Team of the Week?

Yes, both men and women players will be included in the same FC 24 Team of the Week squad. There will not be individual squads released for both men and women. EA Sports included women players in TOTW 1, and as we learn more about EA Sports' tendencies with awarding in-forms for womens leagues, we'll be more cognizant in our predictions. It's possible Megan Rapinoe receives an End of an Era card at some point considering she played her final match for the US National Team this past weekend.

What Happened to Red Player Picks in FC 24?

TOTW cards used to make up the red player pick rewards in FUT Champions each weekend. EA Sports removed red player picks from the base set of Champions rewards in FC 24 meaning players won't be able to add red in-forms to their squads on the weekend.

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