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Trainwreck calls Pokimane, Hasan, Ludwig and Mizkif 'hypocrites' over gambling drama, times out viewers

2023-05-31 12:49
Trainwreck was furious that many popular streamers were behind Twitch banning gambling on its streams
Trainwreck calls Pokimane, Hasan, Ludwig and Mizkif 'hypocrites' over gambling drama, times out viewers

The fall of 2022 saw Twitch embroiled in one of the most sensational events in its history, "Dramageddon." This event captured the attention of people worldwide, as they witnessed a series of events unfold amid allegations of scamming. However, the climax was yet to come, as Twitch announced a major bomb that attracted a mixed response from people. Twitch banned gambling on its platform, garnering criticism and praise. It wasn't an absolute ban as Twitch only prohibited broadcasting gambling sites that were not licensed in the US or lacked "sufficient consumer protection."

The polarizing issue of gambling on Twitch has stirred up numerous debates on the platform, with even high-profile streamers in the crosshairs. Tyler aka Trainwreck criticized his peers in the Poggers community who opposed gambling on the platform, including big names like Matthew aka Mizkif and Imane aka Pokimane.

Gambling drama explained

Trainwreck accused streamers from the Poggers community of harboring an opposition to gambling on purple platforms. It is worth noting that Mizkif and Pokimane successfully urged Twitch to get rid of the gambling category in September 2022 and ultimately succeeded.

Trainwreck claimed these streamers' concern was merely a facade, driven by a desire for attention. He said, "Miz, Hasan, Ludwig, Poki - all hypocrites"

On May 29, Trainwreckstv made some disparaging comments about some of the streamers who opposed gambling during an audio conversation on Pokelawls' Twitch stream. He said, "Yeah, we can talk about it. We can do whatever we want. Realistically, all the b******t still going on Twitch," adding, "I'm telling you, bro, all those streamers, all of them, whether it's Miz, Hasan, Ludwig, Poki - all hypocrites. All of them. Like, that was never about anything. It was petty b*******t overview count and money."

Trainwreck times out viewers

Trainwreckstv didn't stop there, he also requested his chat to perform a "emote test" to check if any of them were subscribers of Miz, Poki and Hasan. “Based on that, I’m going to eliminate most of you,” he said, seemingly threatening to ban anyone who were their subscribers. However, it turns out he just timed them out for a short while.

Even though the drama unfolded in 2022, he went on a rant against claims that he had allowed these streamers to live "rent free" in his thoughts. “It’s funny how you say rent-free, p*******y, I’m pretty sure I was rent-free in their minds, that entire group, for two and a half years straight while I went live and didn’t say a f******g word, you hypocritical little b***h,” he said.