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V Rising Trippy Mushroom Explained

2023-04-10 15:38
Players have been wondering about the mysterious Trippy Shroom present in V Rising
V Rising Trippy Mushroom Explained

Players have been wondering about the mysterious Trippy Shroom present in V Rising. Trippy Shrooms don't have any effects on the character that consumes them, but they do impact the player's view of the game.

With its release on Steam Early Access last month, players have been discovering all that V Rising has to offer. Even streamer BoxBox was confused by the debuff. Among its open-world survival gameplay, players have found the Trippy Shroom and wondered about its effects. This is because the character doesn't seem to receive any damage or benefit from consuming the puzzling mushrooms.

V Rising Trippy Mushroom

In actuality, all the Trippy Shroom does is distort the screen. The screen warps and turns for 45 seconds before returning back to normal. Trippy Shrooms are just meant as a fun addition for V Rising players to add some variation every once in a while. In contrast, most items in the game have standard effects on gameplay such as raising stats like Physical Power and Sun Resistance.

Since its release in May, Stunlock Studios' latest title has achieved decent success on Steam, averaging around 50,000 players this past month. However, this number has been steadily decreasing since the game's release. V Rising is still in Early Access, so hopefully more fun elements like the Trippy Shroom will be added as the game works its way towards a full release.