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Valorant Patch 6.01: Full Patch Notes Listed

2023-04-10 15:38
The new Valorant Patch 6.01 has been released, and it includes a numerous amount of bug fixes to Lotus and some gameplay mechanics. Replication has also been removed from Modes queues.
Valorant Patch 6.01: Full Patch Notes Listed

Valorant Episode 6 released about a week ago, and Riot Games has already opted to release Patch 6.01. The patch updates are typically not so close together, but Riot felt the need to fix some of the bugs that arrived with the new map.

The new Valorant patch is not going to change anything agent related, as it is being used to correct some of the problems that have arisen with the new Episode. Here is what all the changes are in Valorant Patch 6.01, per Riot Games.

Valorant Patch 6.01: Full Patch Notes Listed

Map Updates: Lotus

  • The volume of the revolving doors rotating has been reduced.
  • You can no longer access the Lotus-only queue.
  • Lotus is now released and playable in Competitive and Unrated queues.

Modes Updates: Replication

  • Replication is no longer accessible in the public Modes queue.
  • Replication is still accessible for Custom Games.

Bug Fixes: Agents

  • Killjoy's Nanoswarm (C) has been fixed, as it will not do more damage to destructible objects than intended.

Bug Fixes: Gameplay Systems

  • The third-person flashed visual indicator on an Agent's head is now synced correctly with the actual flash duration.
  • Players can now see and equip the Spike in Custom Games, even after picking it up following the defenders and attackers switching sides.
  • Players will be able to plant the Spike upon reconnecting to a match where you died while disconnected.
  • The Marshall will fully reload correctly when auto-scoping is enabled.

Bug Fixes: Maps (Lotus)

  • There is no longer a boost exploit in the back of B site.
  • The rotating doors should no longer make you get stuck in them.
  • Breach can use abilities on both rotating doors.
  • There are working vision cones at the A link destructible door.
  • The Spike cannot get lost at the back of A site.
  • Players can now plant next to a box at A site, which was previously bugged out.

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