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When Does MW3 Season 1 Start?

2023-11-14 05:49
MW3 Season 1 likely starts on Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2023, and includes the MW3 Battle Pass, Urzikstan, and new multiplayer maps.
When Does MW3 Season 1 Start?

Even though Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 just dropped, fans already want to know when MW3 Season 1 starts.

MW3 finally arrived after a lackluster year of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The new title combines nostalgic maps with advanced movement and weaponry to create the most promising Call of Duty in years. With new daily challenges, 16 Mastery Camos, and the most expansive Zombies mode yet, there is no shortage of content to keep fans entertained throughout November.

Still, those interested in new multiplayer and Call of Duty: Warzone maps, along with the Modern Warfare 3 Battle Pass, are already looking forward to the start of MW3.

When Does MW3 Season 1 Start?

MW3 Season 1 likely starts on Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2023. Although Activision has yet to confirm the date, they did reveal the season will start in December, alongside the next major Warzone update. Since Warzone Season 6 ends on Dec. 6, we expect MW3 Season 1 to drop on the same day.

The MW3 Season 1 Battle Pass will launch in December as well once Modern Warfare 2 Season 6 officially concludes. Players still have about a month to grind the current Battle Pass before it is gone forever.

Here's All the Warzone Updates Coming in MW3 Season 1

MW3 Season 1 features huge Warzone updates that promise exciting, fresh gameplay. The big addition to the Battle Royale is new map, Urzikstan. The Verdansk-inspired map will be the first Battle Royale map since Al Mazrah, and fans cannot wait to experience the new environment.

Players who want a preview of the map's layout can explore the new landscape in Zombies. As you take in the 11 POIs, you can also exfil weapons and other items you do not want to unlock through the new Armory system in MW3.

We also expect there to be a holiday event coming to Warzone in MW3 Season 1. Every year, Activision drops limited-time rewards, modes, and Weapon Blueprints for the holiday season, and after such a successful Halloween event, the developers have a lot to live up to in December.

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