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'Where’s my cut?' xQc demands Kai Cenat pay him for stealing 'camping idea' worth 'at least seven-figures'

2023-05-29 12:28
xQc accused Kai Cenat of stealing content ideas
'Where’s my cut?' xQc demands Kai Cenat pay him for stealing 'camping idea' worth 'at least seven-figures'

During a recent live stream, xQc, a prominent Twitch personality, demanded Kai Cenat pay him for allegedly stealing his camping idea. The dispute arose when xQc was perusing a post on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit and encountered a comment from a Reddit user accusing Cenat of scamming ideas without offering proper remuneration.

This comes after Cenat was accused by a Twitter user of allegedly stealing ideas for subathon. The Twitter user claimed that he was not paid for his content ideas either. xQc, also known as Felix Legyel, boasts a substantial following of 11.4 million on Twitch, while Cenat is a popular live streamer on various social media platforms. Cenat promptly responded to xQc's remarks. Curious to know what was said? Read on.


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‘What the f**k?! Where is my cut’

xQc accusing Cenat of stealing his camping idea said, “I go to Kai’s Twitter, he does this Rumble stream, Rumble show right?” I click on it, first episode what is it? It was my camping idea that I had done for his subathon on the day that I called them on stream.” He continued, "What the f**k?! Where is my cut? It was my idea, where's my cut?! Where is it?! Did you see it? It was a one-to-one, my idea! It was, though! That's at least a... low seven figure. At least!"

Cenat replied, "Chat, you know what's crazy? Bro, let me tell you something about Felix. Okay? Bro, I don't be thinking, like, okay... so, as we came up with the idea for the first episode, I literally just thought about camping. Then I thought about Felix. I was like, 'Bro, does Felix want to go camping with me, bro?' I already thought about it. I'm like, 'Did he want to go camping with me?' Okay?"

He further continued, “'And then, chat, and then after that. BOYZTOBER, right? BOYZTOBER, we had a cabin. I just literally copy and pasted BOYZTOBER. But, we actually wanted to go camping with xQc. We just never did, bro! We literally just never did, bro." Atlast, Cenat sent an invite to xQc for IRL streams, "How about this? Can we just come together for a weekend and just do a whole bunch of IRL streams, man? Do something, bruh!" as per Sportskeeda.

‘Such a new and unique idea’

This immediately caught on YouTube users notice who commented on the video. One said, “Even his ideas get stolen face-purple-crying. RIP 50% of the idea.” Another wrote, “Im amazed by how humble and down-to-earth this young french-canadian man is! I hope he can stay in business asking only for a low 7-figure cut for his crackhead idea truly a people observer.” Third YouTube user said, “Man didn't even do camping when he was there, he went back home and reacted again and again. Good thing Kai took the idea and put it to use, sQc would never have acted on it.” One of the fans said, “Yes because camping is such a new and unique idea”. Another said, “People never give credit to how original and fresh xqcs streams are!”

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