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Who is bbjess? From a restaurant manager to Twitch streamer

2023-05-05 19:00
Do you wanna know about bbjess? How did she became a famous Twitch streamer? Here you go!
Who is bbjess? From a restaurant manager to Twitch streamer

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: A new star, bbjess is emerging on the Twitch streaming platform. She has 115,311 followers on Twitch, and 300,000 on TikTok. As she is an aspiring content creator, she quickly amassed a loyal following of fans, this reflects that she has the engaging personality, unique perspective and entertaining streams.

But who is bbjess, and how did she make her way to Twitch? Keep reading to get more information about her new career as a Twitch streamer after ditching her day job as a restaurant manager.


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Who is bbjess?

Bbjess was born and raised in the United States. She started her professional career as a restaurant manager. She enjoyed the work, meanwhile she found herself yearning for a more creative outlet. From there, she found Twitch as a platform where she can create her own community and she started to explore the world of streaming.

In the time of COVID, there was a massive boom in all digital platform-driven content. So bbjess also wanted to try her hand in being creative. She just started with the irregular schedule and after a period of time she quit her jobs and committed herself to streaming and started uploading regular and frequent clips.

So started her journey to become a content creator. Fans see her as a person who never betrays others for selfish reasons and she has always been true to herself, connecting with fans in a meaningful way.

Main theme of bbjess journey

Jess always likes to be honest and she maintains her authenticity, according to tubefilter. She never wants to resemble and follow others. According to Jess, the important aspect of the creative process is collaboration. She loves to work with other creators and artists to create unique and engaging content. She acknowledges that collabs are the key way to build community and support others in the industry.

She plans to expand her platform in the future and she is interested in podcasting and video production. She wants to use her platform to promote social justice and activism. With the passion and dedication that she has for her craft, it is no surprise that she is one of Twitch's brightest stars.

'Lola bunny' made bbjess go viral

According to Tubefilter, once she became a full time streamer, she hit close to 300-400 viewers. She wanted to share her life and creativity. So she dressed up as Lola Bunny and did fun routines set to music. It became viral over a night and her subscriber base shot up. She doesn’t keep any specific schedule while uploading clips and tiktok videos. For the past three years, she has often streamed for 14 hours a day because she just wanted it!

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