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'You are s**t': Kai Cenat lashes out at IShowSpeed in heated Fortnite argument

2023-11-29 19:25
IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat were shouting at each other after they both died in a Fortnite game
'You are s**t': Kai Cenat lashes out at IShowSpeed in heated Fortnite argument

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: In a recent livestream, tensions escalated between popular Twitch streamers Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed after a contentious moment in a Fortnite match.

The heated exchange began when Kai Cenat expressed frustration after dying in the game, exclaiming, "I'm dead. I'm dead." IShowSpeed also died soon after, and then declared, "Kai is s**t, bro. I'm sorry but Kai is a**, bro."

Fortnite drama unfolds:

The argument quickly intensified as Kai accused IShowSpeed of bad communication during the game, stating, "Bro, you're not communicating, bro!" As Cenat was shouting, IShowSpeed kept reiterating, "Kai is s**t," and also said, "I don't care what nobody says, bro," further angering the other streamer, who then shouted, "No, you are s**t!"

Kai Cenat continued to vent his frustration, "You're not communicating!" as Speed said, "I'm tired of this s**t, bro." Cenat then asked, "Bro, you push! Bro, you push, right?"

However, the argument reached its peak when IShowSpeed lost his temper and screamed, "Shut the fuck up, b***h!"

Cenat also promptly lost his temper and went on a tirade of personal attacks, "F**k you bro! F**k you and everything that you f**king care about b***h a** [n-word]! Let me tell you something little boy."

Speed interjected with a "Shut the f**k up" once again, but that did not stop Cenat, who continued, "F**k you talking about b***h! Ali don't love you [n-word]!" He was seemingly talking about IShowSpeed's rumored girlfriend, 19-year-old TikTok star Aaliyah Wasko.

The intense confrontation showcased the emotional and competitive nature of gaming, particularly in high-stakes scenarios such as Fortnite battles. Viewers witnessed the raw and unfiltered interaction between the two streamers, highlighting the unpredictable dynamics of live gaming broadcasts. The fallout from this clash is likely to be a topic of discussion within the online streaming community in the coming days.

Kai Cenat spills the beans on Sidemen's 'Rizz' levels, takes a jibe at KSI

Popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat recently found himself in the spotlight after he spilled the beans on the Sidemen group members' "rizz" levels during a conversation. In a widely circulated video featuring Cenat and members of the Sidemen, the question of who among them had the most "rizz" sparked a revealing discussion.

As one of the Sidemen members posed the question, asking Cenat to share his observations, the Twitch streamer didn't hold back. He mentioned several Sidemen members and their respective experiences with "rizz," creating a buzz on social media.

The video quickly gained traction, with fans sharing and commenting on Cenat's candid response. The term "rizz" is a slang term used to describe someone's attractiveness or charm, and Cenat's willingness to discuss it publicly added an element of humor and intrigue to the conversation.

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