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Can You Beat Lethal Company?

2023-11-30 00:25
Players cannot beat Lethal Company and must instead continue working for the Company as they scavenge loot and defeat monsters with no ending in sight.
Can You Beat Lethal Company?

As more and more players become contracted workers for the Company, they want to know if they can beat Lethal Company.

Lethal Company is the latest co-op horror game taking over Steam. Even with Halloween and the traditional spooky season long gone, players are loving the new title developed by Zeekerss. With over 86,000 reviews on Steam since its release just over a month ago, the jump scare-filled journey through a post-apocalyptic world has become the highest-rated Steam release of 2023.

With so many new eyes on the indie game, new fans are wondering if there is a true ending to the title, or if their work for the Company is limitless.

Can You Beat Lethal Company?

No, you cannot beat Lethal Company. There is technically no ending to the game, giving players endless opportunities to scavenge for loot, travel to new moons, and defeat monsters. There is always more work to be done for the Company.

As of now, there has been no mention of an ending on the horizon. Instead, the developers are planning the game's next major update, rumored to include new creatures, items, and decorations.

How to Get Lethal Company Early Access

To get Lethal Company early access, fans simply must go to the game's official page on Steam and purchase the indie title for $9.99. Then, the game will appear in their Library and be available to play.

The early access period of Lethal Company is rumored to last until mid-way through 2024, so the purchase will not go to waste. With no ending, you will have plenty of tasks to complete and new places to explore as the developers continue to improve the game.

Is There a Lethal Company Discord?

Yes, there is a Lethal Company discord. The Dark Place Travelers discord is the perfect place to find other players addicted to the game. In just one month, the discord already has close to 40,000 members.

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