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Is There a Valorant Night Market in August 2023?

2023-08-02 03:45
There will be a Valorant Night Market in August 2023, likely around Aug. 9, that will offer players randomized discounted gun skins.
Is There a Valorant Night Market in August 2023?

Fans excited for the next Valorant Night Market will not have to wait much longer.

Valorant Night Market is the best way to purchase discounted Select, Deluxe, and Premium weapon skins in Valorant. Every other month, Night Market goes live in the in-game store and offers players six cards with randomized skins on the other side. Players can flip over their cards, see what gun skins they receive, and decide if they want to purchase the item.

With so many awesome skins in the past month, including the Neo Frontier skins and the upcoming Valorant Champions 2023 Bundle, fans will want to take full advantage of the rare discount to save their VP. Although some of the best Valorant skins will not be featured in the event, there is still a decent chance of getting a great deal on a quality skin.

So, can fans expect a Night Market in August?

Is There a Valorant Night Market in August 2023?

Yes, there is a Valorant Night Market coming in August 2023. Although Riot Games has not confirmed the date just yet, we can expect the next Night Market sometime around Wednesday, Aug. 9.

August will be a busy month for Valorant; not only will another Night Market open, but Episode 7 Act 2 is also set to launch on Aug. 29. And of course, Valorant Champions 2023 will unfold throughout the entire month, ending at the Kia Forum where one team will be crowned World Champions and secure the record $1 million winning prize.

As players wait for the next major update and the August Night Market, they can catch the first match of Valorant Champions 2023 on Saturday, Aug. 6.

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