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Pokémon GO TCG Rainbow Rares: Full List

2023-04-10 15:38
Rainbow Rares have been revealed for the new Pokemon GO TCG expansion. Here's a look at the full list including Mewtwo and Dragonite VSTAR.
Pokémon GO TCG Rainbow Rares: Full List

The Pokémon GO and Pokémon TCG expansion is well underway in Pokémon GO, but finally more news is leaking out about the rarer, secret, and more valuable cards that are a part of the Pokémon GO TCG expansion set hitting stores soon.

One such kind of card are the Rainbow Rare cards. Rainbow Rares were introduced back in the Sun and Moon expansions and features full card art with a very bright rainbow coloring across a simple outline of the Pokémon or Trainer featured on the card.

Although the full list of non rare cards for this expansion had previously been announced, the secret cards including Rainbow Rares have been announced as well. Here is the full list of Rainbow Rare Pokémon TCG cards that are coming to the Pokémon GO expansion.

Pokémon GO TCG Rainbow Rares: Full List

There will be seven new Rainbow Rare cards for collectors to keep their eyes out for, including three new Pokémon Rainbow Rares, and four Trainer Rainbow Rare cards.

Rainbow Rare Pokémon

  • #84 Mewtwo VSTAR
  • #85 Melmetal VMAX
  • #86 Dragonite VSTAR

Rainbow Rare Trainers

  • #87 Candela
  • #88 Spark
  • #89 Professor's Research (Professor Willow)
  • #90 Blanche

The Trainer Rainbow Rare cards in particular highlight the Pokémon GO theming of this expansion pack, with three of the the four Trainer cards being the three leaders of the Pokémon GO teams, with the fourth relating to Professor Willow and the Special Research he gives you that is a key part of the game progression in Pokémon GO. Keep your eyes peeled for these brand new Rainbow Rare cards in you new Pokémon card packs.

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